(670 The Score) Despite little on-court production, Derrick Rose is earning $11 million from Adidas this basketball season as part of the endorsement deal he signed with them back in 2012, Sports Illustrated reported.

Rose signed a reported 14-year, $185-million deal with Adidas in February 2012, less than a year after he led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference finals and became the youngest MVP in NBA history at age 22. Rose received $12 million annually through the 2016-’17 season, Sports Illustrated reported, in addition to annual royalties up to $6.25 million and annual appearance fees up to $4.8 million.

Additionally, Rose’s brother Reggie, is is paid between $250,000 and $300,000 annually to serve as a consultant for Adidas, Sports Illustrated reported.

Rose, 29, has played just 14 games this season, averaging 11.0 points per game, as he’s once again dealt with injury problems, which first starkly surfaced when he tore his left ACL in the playoffs in April 2012. Rose has had four knee surgeries in all since that fateful moment that changed the trajectory of his career. Rose took a leave of absence from the Cavaliers in late November as he contemplated retirement, according to reports.

Many endorsement contracts for professional athletes can include financial reduction language that provides protections for companies if the said athlete isn’t healthy enough to play or if they don’t perform to a certain level, but Rose’s contract included nullifying clauses for that so long as he made certain promotional appearances, Sports Illustrated reported.