CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Buffalo Grove’s Bradie Tennell is beginning her quest for Olympic figure-skating gold in South Korea.

In some ways she seems an unlikely candidate for the spotlight, but there is no denying her grit, dedication, and tenacity.

Tennell is shy, but intensely competitive. She won the Women’s National Championship and punched her ticket to South Korea after two years during which she recovered from back injuries that forced her into a brace. When WBBM asked who her biggest competitor is, she said herself.

“I feel my biggest competitor is myself because I am always striving to be better,” she said.

Tennell said she likes challenges, despite her shy nature.

She is drawing the music for her short program from a Korean movie; she said a friend chose the music, but was injured and thought it would be a good fit for Tennell. Her long program is drawn from Cinderella and she said she has wanted to skate to it for years.

Tennell changes the topic when asked if her goal is Olympic gold. Her coach of 10 years, Denise Myers, refuses to address the question, as well, but said Tennell is “a scrapper,” and said she expects to see Tennell competing at the international level for years to come.