CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — If you’re planning to drive Friday morning, know that it’s not even close to being a picnic.

A couple of the scariest parts of being on snow-covered roads is when you are traveling at a safe speed and someone else decides he/she can pass you at a much faster speed; and when you are on an expressway and get caught in a lane with several inches of snow. That is the case on the Tri-State.

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WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya reports roads are snow-packed throughout the Chicagoland area, treacherous in many spots. He said, it is almost the case on the Tri-State of pick some tire tracks to get into and go for it. Some lanes are several inches deep with snow, but WBBM did see going southbound, several tollway snow-plow trucks moving in tandem to clear the road.

Truck driver George Hopwood of Jacksonville, Florida was at the O’Hare Oasis along the Tri-State.

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“I had finished out a 10-hour break and now it looks like I am not going anywhere for awhile,” he said.

WBBM: Seeing how the conditions are like, what do you think?

“I wouldn’t be out there. Besides I’m empty, so I don’t have any weight to stop, so I’m not taking the chance.”

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An example of how slow things could be on the roads, a stretch that takes 20 minutes, took 35 minutes early Friday morning without much traffic to contend with.