CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Chicago Police Department leaders formally thanked the city of Chicago Tuesday for what residents have done in the week since the killing of 18th District Cmdr. Paul Bauer.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson says “the city of Chicago has repeatedly shown the best of itself.”

Johnson thanked a litany of people and businesses who have helped.

When asked if any one person stood out, he said, “There was a lady that came up to me, I believe it was Thursday, and she said, ‘Superintendent, you know, I’ve been in this city a long time. 67 years.’

“And she said she’s never seen this city and the police department come together like they have now. And she said, ‘You all have really taken a big shot. And I see it’s shaken you a bit. But I got to give it to you. You guys are hanging in there, still answering calls and still protecting us.’

“She just wanted to say thank you.”


Johnson says everything that people have done has been therapy for members of the Chicago Police Department. Though, he added it will take some time for police to get back to a sense of normalcy.

Standing with Supt. Johnson was Capt. Mel Roman, Bauer’s executive officer in the 18th District.

Roman said that no words can express what they feel; so, he simply said thank you.

“Whether you said a prayer, whether you gave a dozen doughnuts, that means more to us than a million dollars.”

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Capt. Roman says the community outreach is what’s keeping the police going.