CHICAGO (CBS) — Sixteen inmates at Cook County Jail have been indicted for their involvement in a large brawl in a maximum security tier earlier this month.

Cook County Sheriff’s officials said the fight happened on Feb. 16 in a dayroom in the jail’s Division 9.

Video released by the sheriff’s office shows one man walk up to a group of inmates, and punch another man in the face. Then all the inmates in the room begin brawling with each other before jail guards enter the room to break up the melee.

When one inmate laid down in a corner after guards came into the room, another inmate ran over and kicked him in the head before several guards tackled him.

While the guards were holding that inmate down, yet another man ran up behind another inmate and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. He then started sparring with a third inmate, before even more guards rushed into the room, wielding stun guns and pepper spray, and forcing every inmate on the tier onto the ground.

Two inmates were taken to the hospital after they were stabbed in the brawl. Others who were involved were treated at the jail. None of the inmates’ injuries were life-threatening, according to the sheriff’s office.

A grand jury has indicted 16 inmates for mob action, according to the sheriff’s office:

• Breily Sotomayor, 24
• Richard Duncan, 20
• Javonte Daniels, 19
• Eddie Howlett, 25
• Miguel Webster, 23
• Matthew Cobbs, 24
• Garlin Minor, 24
• Robert Morales, 28
• Sylvester White, 23
• Eugene Spencer, 26
• Larry Woods, 39
• James Ford, 29
• James Wilson, 34
• Nicacio Munoz, 28
• Antonio Davis, 28
• Devonte Marsh, 22