CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of people on Chicago’s Northwest side woke up to find their cars tagged with black paint and, in some cases, racial slurs.

It happened in the Oriole Park neighborhood, and more than one home security camera captured shots of the offender’s vehicle — a 4-door black sedan.

As the vehicle cruised the streets, it stopped only for those inside to tag cars with “KKK,” swastikas and other symbols. At least 30 cars in all where left marked with black paint before the sedan moved on.

John Nino and Tom O’Rielly live in the tight-knit area around Overhill and Summerdale. Nino’s security camera caught the car, as did a neighbor’s across the street.

It hasn’t been determined if one or two people were in the car, though neighbors believe it was two.

In the video, you can see the driver, who appears to be a man in his late teens or 20’s.

The Oriole Park neighborhood is filled with police officers.

A Chicago Police department spokesperson said detectives are investigating.

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