CHICAGO (CBS) — Kwame Raoul beat a crowded field in the Democratic primary for Illinois attorney general

The Illinois State Senator will face Erika Harold, winner of the Republican primary, in November’s election.

Lisa Madigan’s mysterious decision not to run again turned this race into a free-for-all.

Madigan has a 15-year stranglehold on the office of the state’s top legal officer.


Pent-up ambition burst forth with a slate of eight quality candidates.

Three ex-federal prosecutors, a suburban mayor, a state senator, a defense lawyer, a former member of the Chicago school board and an ex-governor.

Late polls had Pat Quinn in the lead at 23 percent and 18 percent for Senator Kwame Raoul in second place.

Undecideds led with a massive 43 percent.

On the Republican side, former Miss America Erika Harold defeated Du Page County Board member Gary Grasso.

She holds a law degree from Harvard and ran once for office, a losing effort for Congress for the District surrounding her hometown Urbana.