CHICAGO (CBS) — Willie Wilson on Tuesday launched another bid to unseat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2019.

Wilson made the campaign announcement at Chicago State University.

“Chicago is bleeding jobs, citizens and hope. The the present administration doesn’t know how to stop this but I can and will as the next mayor of our great city of Chicago,” Wilson said.

He said residents are tired of repeated tax increases under the Emanuel administration.

“Bag taxes, water taxes, tax when you walk down the street, tax when you come out of your house!” Wilson said.

Wilson said things haven’t gotten better under Emanuel, who promised change.

“They did change, but they changed for the worse,” Wilson said

What’s more, Wilson and his supporters claim Chicagoans are fed up with both street crime and police misconduct.

After the announcement, Wilson hit the campaign trail, shaking hands with commuters at the 87th Street Red Line station on the South Side.

Wilson, a rags-to-riches businessman, placed third, behind Emanuel and Chuy Garcia, in the last mayoral election.

Wilson also made more promises than Santa Claus: no more property tax hikes or red light cameras. He also promised an elected school board and re-opening the 50 schools Emanuel shut down.

Recent polling by Wilson’s allies show Emanuel is vulnerable. Meantime, Garcia just won the Democratic Primary for the 4th Congressional District.

“Everywhere we are at, everywhere he visits, someone’s asking, ‘Is he going to run for mayor?’ People are very disgruntled in this city — people are upset,” Wilson supporter Rev. Ira Acree said in December.

The man who Emanuel fired as the city’s top cop, Garry McCarthy, launched his campaign last week.

Other potential challengers include: Troy Laraviere, a former principal; Neal Sales Griffin, a technologist; Bridget Gainer, a Cook County commissioner; and Paul Vallas, ex boss of the Chicago Public Schools.