CHICAGO (CBS) — Cigarettes have big warning labels about their health hazards.

A judge today in California rules coffee sold in that state will have to follow suit.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, it’s all about a possible cancer connection.

“I drink a good amount,” says¬† George Apostolopoulos of Bloomingdale. “Being Greek it’s part of our culture.”

But brewing in California, a judge’s ruling requiring roasters and cafes there to label their products as a possible cause of cancer.

Even though research is limited, activists charge too much of the carcinogen acrylamide is produced in the roasting process.

“Anytime you put heat to a bean it starts cooking it,” says Alex Theoharis of Ground Up Cafe.

Scientific studies have shown coffee can lower the risk of diabetes and liver disease, and is also linked to a longer life span.

“Creating a path from source to cup is very important in the speciality coffee world,” says Theoharis.

Locally, those in the industry are paying close attention to the California ruling.

They’re not against posting labels if someday required here, but also believe more scientific research is needed.

“It’s a whole science,” says Theoharis.

The National Coffee Association is considering further legal action saying the ruling is confusing consumers and does not improve public health.