CHICAGO (CBS) — “Morally repugnant.”

That’s how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is describing a Chicago magazine article about fallen police Commander Paul Bauer and the man accused of killing him.

“To have a moral plane, as if Commander Bauer and a thug with a record that’s longer than ‘War and Peace’ is morally equivalent? I wouldn’t use that article in my fireplace as kindling,” says Emanuel.

The article called “The Stairwell” traces Commander Bauer and suspect Shomari Legghette from their childhoods to the day Bauer was murdered.

The police superintendent and the Fraternal Order of Police have both condemned the article.

On Tuesday, the magazine’s editor in chief defended the article saying ” our intention was to understand the factors that contributed to this awful tragedy, and that included fully exploring the life of the man accused of killing (Chicago Police) Commander Paul Bauer.”