By Audrina Bigos

CHICAGO (CBS) – Residents in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood say rain picked up as the storm rolled through on Wednesday night.

Cameras caught the moment a roof flew off and landed in someone’s front yard.

“Honestly, I’m still in shock,” said homeowner Eduardo Audiffred. “I didn’t expect it to be this much.”

Audiffred says he got a call saying his roof is missing and his chimney is gone. Shingles covered the lawn as crews worked on his roof.

“There’s puddles of water throughout and quite a bit of damage,” said Audiffred.

No one was home when his roof blew off.

branch on car Severe Storms Damaged Neighborhoods, Branches Fell On Vehicles


Mary Galvin also lives in the neighborhood. She says her car was damaged in the storm.

“A little storm came through. Wind was blowing really hard and there was hail,” said Galvin.

Galvin’s car was parked on Lotus and Archur when the storm hit. A branch went through the winshield and damaged the front end of her vehicle.

“A lot of damage from a little storm, like a five minute storm. It happened so fast,” stated Galvin.

In southern suburban Joliet, rain was so powerful you could barely see across the street in some neighborhoods. Officials closed roads after power lines were knocked down and poles ripped in half.