CHICAGO (CBS) – Springfield legislators are pushing to impose state regulation of gun dealers.

Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill to license firearms shops in March.

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CBS 2’s Political Reporter Derrick Blakley explains supporters, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, believe this attempt may fare better.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says regulating gun dealers is his prime goal in order to cut down on illegal gun sales.

“About 40% of the guns taken off the streets of Chicago come from Illinois,” stated Chicago’s Mayor. “Having that regulation would actually help ensure the safety we want to see.”

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is taking another stab at regulating gun shops.

Senator Chris Nybo said, “There’s less red tape to get certificate, there’s fewer requirements for holding a license, so it’s going to be easier for businesses to maintain their license.”

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In March, Governor Rauner vetoed a gun dealers licensing bill, arguing it’s requirements were too burdensome for dealers.

Under the new proposal, gun shops would get state certification with a simple application, but that would hold them to stricter standards.

Senator Don Harmon said the stricter standards would include, “Video surveillance of stores, maintaining a work force that’s educated and has it’s FOID card, training in practices to avoid selling to straw purchasers.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement saying, “It is past time to regulate gun dealers, crack down on straw purchasers and pass smart, strong gun laws in Illinois. I commend lawmakers in Springfield for staying at the table and working across the aisle to move the ball forward on common-sense state gun laws, even in the face of Governor Rauner’s obstruction.”

Lawmakers are scheduled to adjourn at the end of the month.

“I think this new bill will have more and better bipartisan support. I look forward to moving it within the next couple of weeks,” stated Rep. Christina Castro.

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The new gun dealer certification bill will also impose penalties for people who buy guns from a dealer and then sell them in a private transaction but don’t keep records of who bought them.