CHICAGO (CBS) — They call it the Cinderella story of the moment.  American Meghan Markle marrying into England’s royal family this weekend.

But how much of a prince is Prince Harry?

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole spoke to some Chicago teens who might have the answer.

In the hallways of Hyde Park Academy, they remember that time the prince of England came calling.

“I always consider him my long lost friend, if you will,” said junior Kyle Evans. “So when he walked in, I said ‘what’s up bud I haven’t seen you all my life.'”

Prince Harry was in town for last ffall’s Obama summit.

Along with Michelle Obama, Harry paid a select group of students a surprise visit.

“I finally met who they talk about on the TV shows. Prince Harry this and Prince Harry that,” said junior Mychala McDonald.

As the British royal chatted up the American teens, they were surprised by his humility.

“He was so humble and down to earth. He spoke to me like I was a friend more than a fan,” said sophomore Jamiyah Lee.  “It made me feel powerful, like I mattered.”

In an unassuming way, Harry, they say, shared a message of commitment to serving others.

“Never underestimate others around you and never underestimate yourself,” said Evans.

And even though she’s his grandmother, they also laughed at how Harry spoke the Queen’s English.

Like the restaurant Harold’s, it was hard for him to say the “h.”

“He could not say the word ‘partner.’ He’d say ‘pahtner,” laughed Evans.

They all admit they haven’t followed closely preparations for Saturday’s wedding,  but they all knew that hip-hop artist Cardi B has offered to perform at the reception for free.