By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — What ended as a shooting on busy Route 41 started as a crime spree 20 miles away.

There’s now a link between the woman shot and killed by Gurnee police Wednesday and an earlier standoff in Antioch.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar takes a closer look at the connection.

This convoluted crime spree begins in Antioch.

A car with three people inside rams a police squad car, then allegedly someone shoots a long barrel gun out the window at officers giving chase, refusing to pull over, ending up at a home.

One person from the car barricades themselves inside.

As for the other two, according to Lake County Sheriff Sargeant Chris Covelli, they entered a Toyota Prius.

That Prius took police in Gurnee on a chase as well.

Inside a man, passed out possibly from drugs, and a woman at the wheel.

Police say the couple were involved in the earlier Antioch chase and shooting.

The Prius crashed in a park. The woman then got out, walked to Route 41 swinging a long barrelled gun.

She was shot and killed by two Gurnee police officers.

“This did take a lot of time and effort to unravel this and figure out exactly what happened,” said Covelli.


Charlie De Mar