CHICAGO (CBS) — Most students are wrapping up the school year and looking forward to a summer of relaxation.

But for five mad scientists from the southwest suburbs, they’re ramping up for a big competition.

Five Lemont High School students are preparing for a robotics competition in Washington state next month.

“Water-proofing adds a whole other component, a whole other dimension,”said Martin Juskelis.

This robot won’t operate on land, but rather underwater.

The team has been practicing at a park district pool, getting ready for their creation to complete tasks for the judges.

These budding engineers didn’t get a how-to manual to build their robot.

“A lot of research. We’ll just start going on a massive Google search scavenger hunt,” said student Alexander Bacon.

While competing against some 50 other teams will be tough, getting the robot to the Seattle area could be a major challenge as well.

“I hope it does not get disassembled by the TSA,” said Bacon.

“I believe we’re going to call ahead to make sure that they fully understand what we’re doing and what we’re bringing. That way they don’t freak out when they see this tube full of wires,” he added.

Another are team, Brother Rice High School, is also headed to the international competition.

Wishing all the best to both teams!