CHICAGO (CBS)—A Chicago-area native is bringing Hollywood back to his hometown of Barrington with the premiere of his new movie, “Andover.”

Scott Perlman, a 1990 graduate of Barrington High School, traded in his quiet suburban life for the bright lights of Los Angeles, where he’s been chasing his big-screen dreams.

Perlman was in town to celebrate the Midwest theatrical debut of the film he recently finished writing and directing.

Based on his own experience coping with his father’s death, the story follows a genetics professor who clones his dead wife over and over in a desperate attempt to get her back exactly as she was.

Already an Emmy award winner for two Fox Sports specials he worked on, Perlman is no stranger to success.

But coming home this week and seeing his movie gracing the sign at “The Catlow,”—the iconic landmark theater in the heart of tiny downtown Barrington—left him in awe.

“This is the theater I saw movies in growing up,” Perlman said. “To have my movie playing here is surreal.”

Andover stars Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan, his real-life wife.

The film is a bold, dark comedy that takes a humorous approach on death.

Perlman says he wouldn’t have been able to write the story if he hadn’t grieved the death of his dad, who died while he was a teenager.

“His grave is just up the street,” Perlman said. “I will probably visit that while (the film) is playing. It’s about death—getting over death—I’ll share this experience with him.”

Plenty of family, friends and old classmates came out to celebrate the film at a recent showing.

Overcome with emotion, his mom Lois Perlman said her late husband would be proud to see Scott turn his struggle with his dad’s death into a positive moment.

“A lot of this makes me cry,” she said. “I get very teary-eyed about it, but his dad would be really proud.”

Perlman made the movie on a $250,000 budget, saving money by writing his own music.

Andover will be available On-Demand starting July 17.