CHICAGO (CBS)–Stormy Daniels’ visit to Chicago for a five-show run at a north side strip club was cut short Thursday night after a spat with club owners, according to multiple reports.

The porn star and nemesis of President Trump was scheduled to perform her “Make America Horny Again” routine all weekend at the Admiral Theatre as part of her U.S. tour.

The strip club pulled the plug on Daniels after her Thursday night performance, however, following a dispute over her compensation. All of the four-remaining shows were sold out, according to reports, and the strip club owner plans to sue, according to multiple media reports.

The “Make America Horny Again” Chicago tour was a hot ticket to behold. One CraigsList ad featured on the Admiral Theatre’s Facebook page advertised a pair of front-row seats for $5,000.

“Come celebrate the 72nd birthday of the one and only Donald J. Trump at the Admiral Theatre,” the post read. It was unclear whether those tickets sold.

Daniels got off to a rocky start when she reportedly showed up for the 15-minute show an hour late.

When she eventually took the stage Thursday night, fully-nude, she danced around on a set staged with an American flag and a podium. Her routines were set to American-themed songs like “American Girl” by Tom Petty.

Fans waiting to take photos with Daniels after the show were disappointed when she immediately jetted out of the theater, skipping a pre-arranged meet-and-greet that cost fans an extra $20.

The club has said it will issue refunds for the canceled shows, according to reports.