CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago White Sox are partnering with Chicago Creating Real Economic Diversity and KaBoom! to build a new playground for children in Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood.

Chicago Creating Real Economic Diversity (CRED) is a group dedicated to achieving a transformative reduction in Chicago gun violence.

KaBoom! is a national non-profit organization dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve through safe places to play.

The idea was proposed by a group of men in the neighborhood that say they want to help with initiatives to reduce gun violence.

Children in the Pullman community can contribute to the design of the playground by drawing their dream play area. Officials say elements from their drawings will be incorporated into the final design.

The playground is expected to be built in August in the 10440 block of S. Corliss.

According to a press release, “Play is an important part of reducing the effects of stress that many kids and families are challenged by as a result of neighborhood trauma,” said Roxane Rucker, vice president of community impact at KaBOOM!. “We are grateful to be working with Chicago CRED and the White Sox to create more opportunities for communities to experience the healing power of play and reach the kids who have limitless potential but are too often overlooked.”

The play area will be the third built in partnership of the Chicago White Sox and KaBoom!

KaBoom! has provided more than 17,000 playspaces across the country.