CBS (CHICAGO)–On many summer days like Tuesday, Daley Plaza is filled with people during lunchtime.

One reason? House music parties.

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A man dances at Daley Plaza on June 19, 2018.

The CBS 2 broadcast center is right across the street, so we decided to check it out.

Surrounded by City Hall, court rooms and the Cook County building, Daley Plaza’s location doesn’t exactly cry “Live DJ dance party.”

But on house music days, the plaza comes alive with the sound of thumping EDM music, drawing people out of their offices and into the plaza for what turns into an unconventional lunch break.

Some in attendance are dressed for the office instead of a dance floor, but clothing, race, gender and age differences don’t seem to stop anyone from throwing down their best dance moves.

“House Boy,” the main DJ who spun the live beats for Tuesday’s party, spoke to CBS 2’s Dan Kraemer about house music.

“House music is often the son of disco,” he said. “When disco faded, house music came in.”

If there’s a noise ordinance that applies to the Loop during business hours, the lunchtime house party doesn’t apply. Loud beats can be heard form even the higher-floor offices of the surrounding buildings.

“When it comes to house music and partying, ain’t nobody touch us–yeah Chicago–it’s summertime Chi,” House Boy said as he took the mic between songs.

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Thizel Williams and Michelle Hardwick work down the street from the Plaza.

“It makes you move–you can’t help but not move to house music,” Williams said.

“Instead of regular lunch you can get out for some fresh air and have some fun,,” Hardwick said.

Bridget Kin brought about 10 young girls from her daycare group.

Dancing in the afternoon sunlight, the kids let loose on the plaza.

“We just want to dance,” Kin said. “It’s good exercise.”

Lunchtime house music parties take over Daley Plaza on many summer weekdays. The next one is tomorrow.

Click here for a full schedule.

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