CHICAGO (CBS)—The Fox River is inching closer to reaching flood levels, and residents in the northwest suburbs weren’t taking any chances Friday ahead of a rainy weekend.

In far northwest suburban Algonquin, the river just has another 14 inches to go before it floods, according to public works officials.

In nearby Crystal Lake, Nunda Township Commissioner Mike Lesperance and his team of workers were busy preparing sandbags in a warehouse. The supplies would be used to help protect homes and businesses if the river floods.

In all, they’ve produced nearly 30,000, sandbags.

“Last year we worked for eight days straight, 16 to 18 hours a day,” Lesperance said. “We produced 156,000 sandbags and we were really hoping this was not going to be another one of them.”

With more rain in the forecast Saturday, waterfront residents along Beach Avenue know from experience that it’s best to prepare for the worst but stay hopeful for the best.

About a year ago, Mark Korcyzk’s backyard was waterlogged after the river swelled into his backyard.

He told CBS 2’s Lauren Victory the experience taught him a few things: stock up on hoses, pumps and plenty of plastic.

“You can’t have it collapse anywhere, or the water is gonna come through and inundate from the backside so the depths and the strength of walls is the biggest thing,” Korcyzk said.





Lauren Victory