CHICAGO (CBS) — When the temperatures are soaring, many are opting to stay inside where there’s air conditioning.

But some ventured out and found fun ways to beat the heat.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the story.

It feels like an oven out here. On occasion, there are lake breezes to cool off the summer swelter.

People at the beach will take that over the kind of elevated heat you’ll find more inland.

Many enjoying limited activity. Others choosing to sweat in the swelter.

The Wounded Warrior Project led an outdoor yoga session on Saturday.

The focus was on how veterans use mindfulness to heal after service.

Dozens in attendance worked out earlier in the day when the temps were a bit cooler.

The city of Chicago recommending others, especially the elderly, to stay out of this kind of heat.

Hundreds at nearby Millennium Park found relief in the water. Many replacing perspiration with a refreshing dip in the fountains.

City officials stressing those without air conditioning can locate cooling centers throughout the city.

As for the temps on beach, they can be brutal.

“It’s baking. It’s pretty hot,” said beachgoer Tekyra Young.

The city of Chicago is also encouraging families who happen to have seniors at home to make sure to check in on them, to  make sure that they’re doing OK. Especially those with heart and or lung issues.