CHICAGO (CBS) — The biggest names from both political parties made appearances at area parades.

CBS 2’s Political Reporter Derrick Blakley reports in Arlington Heights, all of the ingredients for July 4th festivities were present, including sunshine, marching bands, and politicians.

Parade viewer Pete Nelson said, “We love the fire trucks and all the noise.”

“How about the politicians?” asked Blakley.

“Not necessarily, not even a little,” Nelson replied.

“Do you think the public welcomes you? Or kind of tolerates you?” Blakley asked Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

“The enthusiasm has been exceptional. People com eup to me and say ‘thanks for your service’ and ‘thanks for all the hard work for Illinois,’” replied Gov. Rauner.

“People are friendly everywhere, republican territory, democratic territory – it feels like Illinois is really coming together,” said JB Pritzker.

With the political divide so sharp, the Fourth of July can provide a brief break from the hysteria.

“Today is a time to come together and find common ground and we’ll do it,” said Rauner.

“Today is really about celebrating who we are as a people, Illinois and America,” said Pritzker.

Gov. Rauner also appeared in a Downers Grove parade, while JB Pritzker marched in other parades in Riverside and Evanston, with another scheduled tonight in Rockford.