By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS) — Crystal clear video of carjackers in action. Their target: a man and a woman who is seven months pregnant.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has the story from Bucktown

How often do carjackers hit the area? More than you may think.

In the 14th police district which includes Bucktown, Wicker Park and Logan Square there were 26 carjackings by this time last year.

The number is down to 20 this year. A 23 percent drop police credit to a special task force.

Little comfort though to a pregnant woman who went to the hospital this afternoon after carjackers forced her to lay down on her stomach.

A small silver car pulls up in a Bucktown alley just after 9:00 Friday morning.

One by one, three men with guns jump out. Moments later one is seen with a bag, one with a purse and someone leaves in a Range Rover.

The video was captured by a neighbor’s security camera.

“It freaks you out. It makes you question whether you want to stay in the city or not,” said Bucktown resident Chad Wells.

Chicago police say it was a carjacking. The targets: a man taking out the garbage and his wife who is seven months pregnant.

Police say the carjackers made off with a 2018 Range Rover, a purse, wallet and two cell phones.

The couple did not want to be interviewed.

In a neighborhood with many security cameras rolling, some may wonder why residents are still being targeted.

“I think that speaks to the brazen attitude of the criminals. They know there’s not enough police in the city so they act first and worry about the consequences later. There’s no fear,” said Steve Jensen of the Bucktown Community Organization.

Wells thinks police are doing their job but blames prosecutors and judges.

“If they get slapped on the wrist for a day, or a week of probation, they’re just gonna keep doing it,” said Wells.

Police confirm they are questioning three men. Authorities will not confirm, however, if the Range Rover was recovered.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez and Audrina Bigos contributed to this story.