CHICAGO (CBS)–Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Superintendent Eddie Johnson today announced that Chicago Police have recovered over 5,000 illegal guns so far in 2018.

The two officials announced the feat during a Friday morning press conference at City Hall.

A display of illegal assault-style rifles seized by the Chicago Police Department. (Credit: CBS)

“I commend our officers for doing the  difficult and dangerous work of taking more than 5,000 illegal guns off the streets this year,” Emanuel said in a press release. “Every illegal gun recovered means fewer potential senseless shootings, fewer tragedies and less gun violence in our city.”

Police said the 5,170 illegal guns removed from city streets equate to one illegal gun seized every hour of the day–more than the New York and Los Angeles Police Departments combined.

“There are far too many guns on the streets of Chicago and the men and women of this department remain committed to creating a culture of accountability to deter individuals from engaging in senseless gun violence,” Johnson said. “We will continue our efforts to protect neighborhoods and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with community partners who are working toward a safer Chicago.”

Guns were recovered through a combination of field and traffic stops, raids, search warrants, and community gun turn-in programs, according to police.

The vast majority of guns recovered by Chicago police are semi-automatic handguns. A total of 163 assault-style weapons have also been recovered, including AK-47 and AR-15 rifles. So far this year, 2,377 individuals have been arrested on gun related charges.