CHICAGO (CBS) — Two duck boat companies in Wisconsin Dells say they are confident an accident like the one that happened in Missouri would not happen there.

The companies say they pay close attention to the forecast and will not go out in severe weather, but if a storm were to suddenly roll in, the ducks are close enough to the shores of Lake Delton that they can turn back quickly.

“We have easy exits all along the 2 miles that we travel and along the Wisconsin River, then we get into Lake Delton. We have an entrance and an exit. They’re about 300 plus yards apart, so we’re able to get out of the water at any place in about a minute or so,” explained Dan Gavinski of Original Wisconsin Ducks.

The ducks in the Dells are original World War II vehicles, unlike the one involved in the tragedy Thursday night in Missouri.

Company owners say many of the ducks used across the country are manufactured to fit more people.