CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the biggest thrills of going to a baseball game is getting a foul ball, but one fan is getting raked over the coals on social media for appearing to take a ball meant for a child, but it turns out he didn’t deserve all that grief.

Cubs first base coach Will Venable tossed the foul ball to a boy in the first row, but it rolled under the seat, and the man sitting behind the boy grabbed it.

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Instead of giving it to the boy, he gave it to the woman next to him. The Cubs quickly jumped in, and gave the boy a baseball signed by second baseman Javy Baez.

It turns out, what TV cameras didn’t show was the same man had given that boy a foul ball earlier in the game, and had given a couple more away to other kids.

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Photos attached to the Cubs’ tweet show the boy holding two balls – the ball signed by Baez, and a foul ball from earlier in the game.

Other fans sitting nearby tweeted the guy got a ball for the kid before the televised incident, and also gave two more foul balls away to kids sitting next to his wife.

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After the game, NBC Sports Chicago host David Kaplan confirmed the man had already helped the boy get a different foul ball earlier in the game.