CHICAGO (CBS) — Neighbors in Lawndale said gun violence is so bad, they have to hide their children inside.

There are calls for help after two suspects fired into a crowd of children playing basketball.

The shooting wounded three children and one adult. People living in the neighborhood are desperate for help and want action from police, the mayor or even the feds.

CBS 2’s Chelsea Irving has the story.

The 1100 block of South Troy was quiet Saturday. Parents told their children to stay inside, where they hope kids are safe from gunshots like those that broke out Friday night.

“I can’t walk the street or my grandkids, can’t walk the street because a bully might come and shoot them. It breaks my heart,” said resident Wanda Mason.

Chicago police say two suspects fired into a group of mostly children playing on the corner of Troy and West Fillmore around 9:00 Friday night. They hit a 20-year-old man and three kids ages 10, 11 and 14.

CBS 2 spoke with one boy who was there during the shooting. He said someone yelled for everyone to run and then he heard gunfire.

We concealed his identity as he describes running for his life, trying to help his friends get away, and seeing some of his friends get shot.

“I pushed a girl for a head start and she started running,” said the boy. “My friend, he was running right by me and then he went across the street to check on his sister and then his sister was across the street and she got shot in her chest. Then he ran over there and he got shot in his ankle.”

Chicago police said they have surveillance video of two suspects running from the scene. That, from shot spotter cameras triggered by gunfire.

Some residents say the problem is much bigger than finding the suspects in this one shooting. And they will keep their kids inside until they see more police outside.

“It’s time for the police to walk the street like they used to,” said Mason. “The mayor needs to come her bring the U.S. Marshals and let our kids play down the street like they supposed to and not being shot at.”

As for the victims, the 14-year-old boy remains in the hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to his head.

The other two kids were shot in the ankle and shoulder, at last check they were in good condition and we are told they will be heading home soon.

The adult male remains in the hospital.