CHICAGO (CBS) — Agony could be seen on a mother’s face after her daughter was shot and killed, becoming another victim of gun violence in Chicago.  A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to her killer.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports the 21-year-old girl had no gang affiliations and was not known to police, yet another mother is in agony and tears after her daughter was murdered.

What started as a peaceful vigil for Oceana Jones quickly turned to chaos.

Dozens marched in the South side alley where 21-year-old Oceana Jones was shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

The victim’s mother, Kenyatta Jones, was surrounded by her family and community.

“They just took my only baby away from me, my only daughter,” Kenyatta Jones cried. “She was only 21 years old. My baby ain’t done nothing to nobody.”

Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church stated, “We’re shooting each other over nothing like cowards. That’s all they are is cowards, shooting down the block as someone’s running for their life because they’re scared.”

Chicago Police say four men stopped Jones and her boyfriend at a gas station, demanding to know the boyfriend’s gang affiliation. Jones and her boyfriend ran. Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood captured the group of men chasing them.

Police say someone in the group shot at Jones, who was shot in the back and died at the scene near 79th and Justine.

Friends and family released balloons where she was shot, before Jones’ family began marching. The march turned into a street brawl when the crowd was confronted.

Latricia Jones, the victim’s cousin, said, “They wouldn’t let us through, they walked up to the crowd. And that’s when it started. They ambushed us.”

“We were marching for my cousin, for peace. And this had to happen in the midst of greatness they’re always sadness,” said Alicia Humphrey, another cousin of the victim.

Police say when the marchers crossed over Ashland in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, they entered into another gang’s territory and that’s when the confrontation started.

A motive is unknown at this time. No one is in custody. The incident is under investigation.