CHICAGO (CBS) — The Des Plaines priest who survived the fiery Aeromexico plane crash earlier this week is back in Chicago.

Father Esequiel Sanchez was one of more than 100 on board the flight that crashed in Mexico. All the passengers and crew members survived the incident.

“It was terrorizing. It was horrible. We shouldn’t be here, but that’s why they call it a miracle,” said Sanchez.

With a fractured arm in a cast, Father Sanchez was greeted by his sister, brother and parishioners from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Despite his broken limb, he and other passengers ran back to the burning plane to pull others from the wreckage and led them to safety.

“Any of a number of factors could’ve turned this far more tragically than what it was. At the end of the day it’s providence,” said Sanchez.

He headed to a hospital to be checked out by doctors. He’s looking forward to returning to his priestly duties but only after some much needed rest.