CHICAGO (CBS) — The violent weekend did not only impact families directly involved, it’s left a ripple effect on those communities.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports Lawndale resident Karen Thomas went back to work Monday trying to brighten up her block after a dark weekend.

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“It was a guy trying to shoot another guy,” recalled Thomas.

She’s set-up just blocks from Douglas and Millard, where six people were shot early Sunday morning.

17-year-old Jahnae Patterson was shot in the face and died.

“My baby died instantly, as soon as the bullet hit her,” cried Patterson’s mother, Tanika Humphries.

Patt Cobb says she fears for her 4-year-old niece’s future now more than ever after hearing the gunshots that killed Patterson.

“I was just sitting in the living room and heard a lot of gunshots and I heard a lot of screaming and a lot of running,” Cobb recalled.

Chicago Police were visible and active Monday, as neighborhood kids tried going on as normal, but Cobb says even the decision to step outside was a heavy one.

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“She doesn’t understand why we can’t come outside today because someone may be shooting,” Cobb said, saying she didn’t want her niece going outdoors Monday.  “I hope this will change.”

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports residents he spoke to are stressing that what they saw this weekend will never be looked at as normal or acceptable in their neighborhood.

No arrests have been made in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jahnae Patterson.


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