CHICAGO (CBS) — After a violent weekend in Chicago with 12 people murdered and 54 wounded, police are taking action in an effort to combat gun violence.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with aldermen, clergy, and police announced more officers will be on the streets in areas hit hardest by violence, saying officers will have shifts extended in the evening and overnight.

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Supt. Eddie Johnson stated 430 more officers will be on patrol during the week and 600 more on weekends in Districts 5, 6, 10, 11, and 15 on Chicago’s West and South sides. Johnson says the extended shifts will go on indefinitely.

He said he will not release details as to how the additional officers will be deployed, saying criminals are strategic and he doesn’t want to give them “the whole playbook.”

“We have ordered a series of strategic deployments aimed at keeping our community safe,” said Supt. Johnson. “These additional deployments will continue to supplement existing manpower.”

“It is not acceptable in any neighborhood,” stated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The Superintendent is also cancelling days off for gang teams and fugitive patrol.

“We are taking resources from other areas of the city,” said Johnson. “These are discretionary resources, so we are not taking any manpower from a particular district and relocating them; we’re taking manpower from units that do other things.”

What about officers working longer hours and potentially burning out?

“We monitor that very closely because we have an obligation to make sure that they’re fresh and ready for their tours of duty. The supervisors will be monitoring that. But no one will be forced to work 10 to 12 days in a row; nothing of that nature,” Johnson responded.

Both Johnson and Emanuel were emphatic that the National Guard is not needed at this time.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos and Jim Williams contributed to this story. 


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