CHICAGO (CBS)–A baby penguin took its first swim at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium this week.

The Shedd Aquarium released a video of the penguin’s first dip in the blue waters of the penguin habitat, as his fellow penguins look on from a rock.

The Magellanic penguin peers into the water for a few moments after being brought into the enclosure by staff.

The penguin takes the plunge after just a few seconds and swims happily around in the water.

The public can now see the penguin chick in the Shedd’s penguin habitat, the Polar Play Zone.

Born at the Shedd on May 12, it is the first penguin born at the aquarium since 2005, according to a statement from the Shedd.

“The chick, nearly the size of its parents now, has spent months growing behind the scenes with mom and dad, interacting with animal care staff and socializing with other adult penguins at the aquarium,” the Shedd said in a statement. “Recently, the chick also began to shed its fluffy feathers – replacing them with waterproof, adult feathers that allowed the young bird to learn how to swim and dive underwater for the first time.”

The name and sex of the chick will be announced soon.