CHICAGO (CBS) — A suspect shot and killed by police was wanted for shooting another man, according to the Park Forest Police Department.

Police say the suspect shot a man in the head in the 400 block of Suwanee Street around 2 p.m. Monday. The altercation started in Park Forest and ended in Richton Park.

Officers say the victim was seriously injured, but able to talk. The victim was transported to Christ Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

A responding officer located a man matching the description of the suspect walking a short distance away in Richton Park.

Cell phone video shows the moments after police in Richton Park shot and killed the suspect who allegedly exchanged shots with officers.

“All of the sudden, I hear glass shatter,” said Gloria Burnet, a witness, saying one of the bullets went flying through her mother’s second floor apartment. “Then I heard rapid gunfire. Boom, boom, boom, back to back.”

“I don’t know what the argument was about, but over something petty,” said Romeo Baine, a friend of the victim.

Police say the incident started in Park Forest. The man who was eventually shot and killed by police first shot Romeo Baine’s friend and then took off running.

“I can’t believe they shot my brother in the head. In the head! That’s crazy!” Baine exclaimed.

Officers found the alleged shooter blocks away, allegedly ignoring officers’ commands.

“I saw him running. He ran behind the two brown houses, gun shots went off, but it was the cops. It was not his,” said CJ Chisel, another witness.

“At some point in time, that man produced a firearm and pointed it at our officers,” stated Chief Mannino of the Park Forest Police Department.

Investigators spent hours going door-to-door, using metal detectors to find shell casings. The man shot by police was well known to neighbors.

“Everyone knows who he is, always walking,” stated Chisel. “He is actually a neighbor of mine who lives across the street. It is something that is going to leave a mental scar.”

Three Park Forest officers and one Richton Park officer were involved in the exchange of shots. All four of the officers have been placed on administrative leave as Illinois State Police investigate.

The man who was initially shot has life-threatening injuries.


Richton Park And Park Forest Police Involved In Fatal Shooting 

Charlie De Mar