CHICAGO (CBS) — It is a golden example of the golden rule. A woman found a gold ring and wants to return it to the rightful owner, claiming she would want someone to do the same for her.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports Cheryl Sheppard made a golden discovery during a weekend shopping trip to Walmart in Villa Park.

“I got milk, cream for my coffee, just a few general things,” recalled Sheppard. “I just happened to glance down and it was laying there.”

On Saturday, Sheppard spotted the ring on the ground while walking out of the store.

“I put it in my pocket and just kind of forgot about it until after I got home and then I looked at it. It had the stamp in there for 14 karat gold,” she said.  “It’s not someone who got married five or ten years ago.”

She says it was then she realized what she had wasn’t cheap, discarded metal, but a man’s wedding band.

Inside, she found an inscription with initials and a heartfelt message. The ring dated back to 1946.

“It’s worth probably between 2-300,” she said. “It may not have a lot of monetary value, but it still has a lot of personal value, sentimental value. You know it’s not been that long since my mother died and if I lost any of her stuff, I would want someone to return it.”

Sheppard is working to find who the ring belongs to, posting an image of the ring on her Facebook account to try to connect the ring with its owner. She says she reached out to both Walmart and Villa Park Police, but so far has not heard a word.

“It’s not my wedding band,” when asked why she decided to talk to the media and try to find the ring’s owner, rather than keeping it for herself. “I hope that whoever lost it sees this and is able to get it back.”

Villa Park Police say only a handful of these kinds of cases are reported per year.

If you think you know who the owner is, Sheppard would love to hear from you.

She can be contacted by emailing  or on her Facebook page: