CHICAGO (CBS) — Democrats like State Representative nominee Terra Costa Howard are choosing abortion as a key issue in the fight.  Representative Peter Breen is one of the strongest pro-life voices in Springfield and a top republican lawmaker.  CBS 2’s Political Reporter Derrick Blakley reports Rep. Breen is under assault from pro-choice democrats who want to take him out.

State Representative Peter Breen says he knows why democrats have targeted him for defeat.

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“This district is one that very much rejected President Trump and went strongly for Mrs. Clinton in the last general election,” stated Rep. Peter Breen (R-Lombard.)

Democrats have chosen abortion as the key issue in the fight.

“He wants it to be illegal for a woman to have an abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest,” said Terra Costa Howard (D), nominee for State Representative.

That is the only issue Breen’s opponent, former school board member Terra Costa Howard, would talk about.

“Voters are concerned about tax levels, their jobs. They’re concerned about family and friends leaving the state,” said Breen.

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Breen’s the top GOP floor leader in the Illinois House. His pro-life views are well known. He led a lawsuit to overturn Gov. Rauner’s approval of Medicaid abortions.

Tuesday, rape survivors came together to blast Breen’s opposition to abortion.

Rape survivor Jenny Goodman stated, “We are not pro-abortion, but we feel abortion must be a choice and adoption must be a choice and parenting must be a choice for us, and us alone.”

Breen said, “If my opponent wants to run on her support for taxpayer funded abortion, as the primary issue in the race, she is going to lose and I’m going to win and win handily.”

With House Speaker Mike Madigan assisting Terra Costa Howard, Breen concedes he’ll be outspent, perhaps two to one.

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Breen insists he survived the last blue wave in 2016 and believes he will do it again.