CHICAGO (CBS)—A Palatine couple’s recent drive down an Illinois highway after dropping their daughter off at college led to an unpleasant discovery.

David and Deborah Sander said their one-year-old Audi SUV was coated in fresh tar after a nighttime drive down I-355.

No visible signs were displayed to warn motorists of fresh oil as they drove down the highway. But the couple believes their vehicle was sprayed with tar as they drove through a construction zone near I-355 and 75ty Street.

“They were doing construction at night, so we just drove along,” Deborah said. “We had no idea—it was raining—so we had no idea what was on the surface.”

It wasn’t until the next morning when the couple realized the raindrops were mixed with a brown oily substance that stuck to the vehicle’s exterior.

An auto body repair shop told them it would cost $1,000 to remove the substance.

“It’s very frustrating, and if I try to claim it on insurance they might cover it, but I end up paying the deductible—so I end up losing no matter what.”

An Illinois Tollway acknowledged the ongoing resurfacing project in the area. A spokesperson said Sander can file a claim through the contractor responsible for the damage.

It was unclear how many claims are rectified each year.

“I get it that they have to do work, but do it responsibly and not damage people’s property,” she said.

For more information on filing a claim or for any questions, go to