CHICAGO (CBS) — A bouncer for a Wicker Park nightclub is fighting for his life, after he was shot multiple times during a private party at evilOlive early Wednesday morning.

The bar bills itself as the only late night dance club in the area. Police said, around 3:45 a.m. – about 15 minutes before closing time – the bouncer got into an altercation with another person, who pulled out a gun and shot him several times.

The bouncer was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he remained in critical condition Wednesday morning.

Wicker Park resident Kyle Mackey said he and his wife heard the gunshots.

“My wife and I fear for our well-being,” he said. “We weren’t shocked. We know the area. We know the people that loiter around late at night, and we hope it can get cleaned up.”

Anna Sheals said she lives above the club, but has never been inside.

“We have a lot of animosity towards it, because we live upstairs and it’s loud,” she said.

Shaina Barnes, who lives around the corner, said it was “really scary” to learn about the shooting.

“I walk through here all the time. So that’s not good news for the neighborhood,” she said.

Police said a weapon was recovered at the scene. Detectives did question one person of interest for several hours, but that person was released without charges.

Several surveillance cameras are located inside and outside the club, but police have not said if the shooting was caught on video.