CHICAGO (CBS) — On a holiday weekend, what could be more fun than watching dogs fetching frisbees?

One western suburb is the place to be to catch all the action with man’s best friend.

Head to Nike Park in Naperville and you’ll find dogs and frisbees. Lots of frisbees.

Nicole Collier is from northern Illinois.

CBS 2 put a GoPro on Fury as the two prep for the World K-9 Frisbee Championship.

“We have a lot of fun. She loves it. I love it. And we love to do it together,” said Collier.

Next up, Jodi from Florida. She brought three of her 16 dogs to Illinois, including Riley.

The GoPro went on a human’s head for a different perspective.

“The dogs love and respect this and this is the thing that they live for,” said Jodi.

A mom and her daughter came all the way from Holland, one of several international teams.

Mom explained why they traveled so far.

“Alex Stein is here. He’s the founder of the sport,” she said.

Stein and his dog Ashley Whippet made the sport huge after sneaking on the field at Dodgers Stadium in the 1970s.

They performed at the White House and all over the world ever since.

Tom Wehrli built a museum to the sport in his Naperville basement and also runs the tournament.

One of his biggest worries?

“Female dog does her business on the field and all the rest of the male dogs for the rest of the day are going to stop in the middle of a routine and say ‘Fifi was here. I think I might stop here for a minute,'” said Wehrli. “You don’t want that.”