CHICAGO (CBS) — Several communities in the area were hit hard with storms hours ago.

CBS’2 Jeremy Ross has more on the damage and the force of the storms from Dunning.

What Mother Nature delivered to Belmont Heights, some of the trees were not prepared to accept. Branches and large trunks toppled over due to the force of the storm and torrential rain.

The winds picked up debris and that pulled down power lines. In the path of what fell included cars.

“(It) shattered the back windshield the whole back and then there’s a big dent on the side,” said one resident.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never heard anything like it. It woke me up. I didn’t even notice the back window. It’s like a war zone out here,” said another neighbor.

Flames shoot out of a Downers Grove home. The smoke plumes from the roof. Firefighters are looking into if the blaze was related to the stormy weather and if lightening played a role in the fire.

After more than an hour in the rain, first responders were able to put it out.

The storms that rolled in took utility lines and trees with it.

Fortunately what was damaged can be replaced. No reports of injuries.