By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are looking for a pair of thieves who were caught on camera stealing a safe from a bar in Wicker Park. There was barely any money inside, but the owner of the bar says the suspects got away with something more valuable.

The surveillance video shows two suspects walking down an alley in broad daylight  last month, then climbing onto the roof of the bar Bourbon on Division. The pair managed to find an entry point and get into the building.

Once the burglars were inside, they looked through the office and stole a safe containing $150 cash plus the bar owner’s jacket, which they used to cover the safe.

The suspects fled in a red getaway car, waiting for them in the back of the alley.

“I raced over here. By the time I got them here, fortunately they were gone,” said Jun Lin, the owner of the bar. “There’s a reason that safe isn’t bolted down to the ground. Some personal papers and probably less than $100 [were inside.]”

Lin says he isn’t too upset about the empty safe, but the orange-lined bomber jacket the burglars used to cover and walk out with the safe is irreplaceable.

“It’s one of my favorite jackets because one of my best friends, Bill, gave me the jacket so it has sentimental value,” he said. “I was more upset over the jacket than the safe.”

This wasn’t the first time the bar was targeted. In the spring, Bourbon on Division was targeted for its ATMs. The burglars could be seen stomping on the cash machine until it finally ripped off the wall, then pouring chemicals to cover their tracks.

“I feel violated in the same sense of this robbery happened literally in the middle of the afternoon,” Lin said.

The suspects did not make an effort to hide their faces. Anyone with information is asked to call Chicago Police.

Charlie De Mar