CHICAGO (CBS)–A Cicero man arrested for DUI early Sunday morning in suburban Riverside allegedly insisted to police that he should not be arrested because he was doing a good deed by driving his passenger home, who he claimed was drunker than him.

Allan Pineda, 27, of Cicero, was charged with DUI in Riverside on Sept. 16. (Riverside Police)

Breathalyzer readings provided by the driver and his passenger proved his claim false, however. His 20-year-old passenger’s blood alcohol count was .13, according to a breathalyzer reading provided by Riverside police.

The driver, Allan M. Pineda, 27, of the 3700 block of 59th Avenue, allegedly had a BAC of .22, which is two-and-a-half times the legal limit of .08 in Illinois.

Police pulled him over on Riverside and Gage roads after an officer spotted him allegedly driving “in a southeasterly direction into oncoming traffic and (bouncing) off curbs,” according to police.

Pineda allegedly told the arresting officer that he drank alcohol, including shots, at a wedding he had attended earlier that night.

As he was being arrested, police said he continued to insist that he was doing the right thing because he was more sober than his passenger.

Pineda was charged with two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol and improper lane use.

His passenger, whose name was not provided by police, was charged with underage drinking and possession of marijuana, police said.