By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — For the first time, all four candidates for Illinois governor came together in a televised forum ahead of November’s election.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports the conversation literally started in the toilet and went downhill from there.

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Two billionaires with big names and two others that are less familiar all blamed each other for the state’s problems.

The debate in the race for Illinois Governor began with toilet talk as J.B. Pritzker addressed unhooking the johns in his Gold Coast mansion for tax breaks.

“That was a tax reduction that we received,” said J.B. Pritzker, (D) candidate for governor.

“To own a mansion and take the toilets out where he does not pay the proper taxes and to use your inherited wealth to try to buy political office,” said Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

Incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner, Grayson Kash Jackson, and State Senator Sam McCann clashed on the cash spent in the race.

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“I’ve spent under a million dollars. These guys have spent more on paper clips than we’ve spent on our whole campaign,” McCann claimed.

“Mr. Pritzker is outspending me 3 to 1 in this election,” said Rauner.

“They’re pretending as though we do not exist,” stated Kash. “I spent $25,000. You two gentlemen spent what, $200 million to get on this stage? Who’s the physically-minded guy?”

“These two guys are just different sides of the same coin,” claimed McCann during the forum. “They’re trying to buy their way into office. I hope the people see through it and don’t allow them to do so.”

“We have to begin to elect people from our neighborhoods that understand what it means to struggle day in and out,” argued Kash.

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The candidates did not discuss any immediate plans to lower taxes, stop the Illinois mass exodus, or protect residents from gun violence. Most candidates agreed term limits are a good idea.