CHICAGO (CBS) — Six adults and three children were injured in a multi-vehicle accident on Chicago’s South side, according to Chicago Police. Two of the six adults were killed in the crash.

Police say a baby was ejected from one of the cars and is listed in critical condition.

The accident happened near 69th and Loomis in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood around 7:08 p.m.

UPDATE: 9:55 p.m.

Chicago Police confirmed a total of six adults were injured in the accident, two of which were pronounced dead. Three children were injured, two of which are listed in critical condition. One adult is also listed in critical condition.

The four-vehicle crash began when police say someone flew by an unmarked car on 69th Street. The sergeant tried to pull him over.

CPD said the sergeant turned off his lights and stopped following the man. The allegedly speeding driver continued, ultimately slamming into a car that was crossing 69th a few blocks away from Loomis. That car smashed into two others waiting at the light.

The man who police say caused the crash ran away. Police are still looking for that suspect.

Witnesses said the violent impact caused a baby to be ejected from one of the vehicles.

“I saw a baby lying on the ground. I got concerned because I’m a registered medical professional. I got closer and he was moving. He was breathing,” recalled one witness.

Investigators are looking into a shooting in the 6th District that could be connected to the accident.

UPDATE: 9:15 p.m.

According to Chicago Police, two cars were waiting for the light to change on 69th Street, heading west, when a vehicle travelling east on 69th Street struck another vehicle travelling north on Loomis, which collided into the two vehicles waiting at the light.

Officers said the offending vehicle’s driver ran from the scene, heading north on Loomis. A pistol, as well as shell casings, were discovered inside his car. Preliminary information revealed that the plates on the car are not registered to that vehicle.

At least one adult has life-threatening injuries, according to CPD.

8:00 p.m.

The Chicago Fire Department said four cars were involved and seven were transported to local hospitals.

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