CHICAGO (CBS) — The CBS 2 Investigators learned exclusively – a settlement has been reached in two lawsuits against the City of Chicago involving a police officer.  This could cost taxpayers about $1.5 Million dollars in legal fees and payouts.  But those who sued, say the settlements fail to take care of the problem officer.

Christopher Gaspar and Reverend Brown, do not know each other, but both say their lives were put in jeopardy by Chicago Police Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy.

“I want her prosecuted,” said Reverend Brown.

“She should be off the streets,” said Gaspar.  “She should not be a police officer.”

Taxpayers are shelling out seven figures in settlements.

In Gaspar’s case, he was a Mt. Carmel High School honor student when he and two friends were held at gunpoint by Chicago Police.  The officers were acting on a false report by Morsi Murphy and believed the teens committed an armed robbery.

“I was scared for my life,” said Gaspar about having a police officer’s gun pointed to his head.  “My hands were outside the window so he [officer] could see them and he said, ‘If you move them, I’m going to blow your head off’.”

Morsi Murphy was off-duty when she called 911 to report a robbery at a convenience store.  The robbery never happened.  The officer even reported different suspects in the case.

“In a gray hoodie. He’s white,” said Morsi Murphy who also said, “He’s Mexican.  There’s three male blacks in the car.”

Morsi Murphy followed Gaspar and his friends as they left the store, then claimed the teens robbed yet another place.

“I guarantee you, they robbed this gas station,” reported Morsi Murphy.

Even the 911 operator gets frustrated with the officer.

“Relax, relax you’re an officer,” said the 911 dispatcher.

“Ok, I’m going to relax,” said Morsi Murphy.

“You’re an officer, lets behave like an officer,” said the 911 dispatcher.

Store security cameras showed Gaspar and his friends paid for their snacks and did nothing wrong.

Morsi Murphy got a 30-day suspension for the 2014 incident.  Gaspar said she should have been fired and prosecuted.  He believes he and his friends would have been charged had they made that 911 call.

“They’d probably arrest us. Take us in,” said Gaspar.

The teens sued and the CBS 2 Investigators learned, including fees, the case is costing taxpayers close to $400-thousand dollars.

Reverend Brown also sued – after an alleged road rage case with the same officer.

“I definitely felt my life was on the line – and my children,” said Brown.

She said the officer called her a derogatory name and used profanity to tell Brown to move her car.  As the incident ramped up, Brown called 911 for help.  But she said the situation continued to escalate quickly and a gun was pointed at her with her children in the car.  So Brown drove in reverse heading to where she could yell for witnesses.  After she made it to the main street, Morsi Murphy used her squad to ram Brown’s car with her 1 year old and 8 year old still in it.  They were sprayed with mace, guns were pointed and Brown taken down.

Morsi Murphy claimed she was dragged on the ground by Brown as Brown drove down the alley.

“It never happened,” said Brown.

Ed Fox is Reverend Brown’s attorney.

“There was zero to corroborate it,” said Fox.  “We looked at her clothes.  Her clothes weren’t dirty like you’d expect.”

Brown was charged with attempted murder.

“I could have served almost thirty years in prison for a made up lie,” said Brown.

Brown was found not guilty of attempted murder, but convicted of reckless conduct.  The Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) never finished investigating Brown’s 2013 case, but the newly formed Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) says they are on it.

Brown’s civil lawsuit against the City could cost taxpayers $1.1 Million dollars including legal fees.  Two other lawsuits involving Morsi Murphy settled – including a $40,000 payout for a woman arrested on drug charges after she picked up her elderly mother’s Walgreen’s prescription.