CHICAGO (CBS)–A pair of random killings at the hands of a masked gunman during the past week has left the Rogers Park community on edge, with some residents saying they’re afraid to walk outside.

Friends of one of the murder victims, 26-year-old Eli Moscowitz, honored his memory Tuesday night at a vigil held at Loyola Park, where he was fatally shot in the head Monday night.

Police think the same gunman who likely killed Moscowitz–seen in a surveillance photo covered in head-to-toe black clothing including a ski mask–is responsible for gunning down 73-year-old Douglass Watts as he walked his dogs around 10 a.m. on Sunday.

The gunman just walked up to Watts and shot him execution-style, police said.

Shell casings found at both crime scenes are a match, and the murders were carried out in the same manner, police have said.

Rogers Park residents say they’re afraid to leave their homes with a killer on the loose.

“I hate feeling like I can’t trust a person that’s walking down the street,” David Drury said.

Police have increased their presence in the neighborhood, adding patrols on foot, bike and squad car to help residents feel safer.

Chicago police are hosting a community meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Loyola Park Fieldhouse, 1230 West Greenleaf.