(CBS) — The conviction of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke “holds him accountable for his actions,” but it “does not bring back Laquan McDonald,” the special prosecutor in the case said Friday afternoon.

A jury found Van Dyke guilty of second degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery, one count for each shot Van Dyke fired into McDonald’s body four years ago.

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‘This is a gratifying verdict,” said special prosecutor Joseph McMahon, who is the Kane County State’s attorney.  . “A guilty verdict doesn’t undo a crime.  This holds Jason Van Dyke accountable or his actions.”

McMahon was careful to point out the “verdict does not bring back Laquan McDonald. It provides some justice for [him] and his mom, Tina [Hunter.]

“This is a difficult day for Tina Hunter,” McMahon said.  “She has to continue to relive the worst moment of her life over and over.”

The police dash cam video played a central role in the conviction, but ultimately, is was actions of Van Dyke that night that led to the conviction, McMahon said.

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McMahon praised the jury for their hard work. “it is crystal clear they took their responsibility seriously.””

“The words liberty and justice for all .. have meaning.  Today our justice system fulfilled its obligation of justice for all.”



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