CHICAGO (CBS)–The mid-October cold snap in Chicago this year feels more like late December weather, but ‘L’ train riders may find some comfort when trying to hit those metal heater buttons.

That’s because the CTA is testing the city’s more than 1,000 heater buttons during the last two weeks of October before their Nov. 1 activation date, so ‘L’ riders might as well give the buttons a push to test their luck for a little extra warmth while waiting outdoors for the trains.

“It’s a nice feature,” said Irene Ferradaz, a CTA spokesperson. “I can confirm that our maintenance team goes out inspecting them this time of year, so customers may find them on.”

More than 1,000 heating buttons are installed at 45 different ‘L’ stops across the city, Ferradaz said. The city runs the heaters between Nov. 1 and March 31, and each year maintenance teams inspect the buttons between Oct. 15 and 31.