CHICAGO (AP) — A 21-year-old Chicago man is headed to prison for the death of a cab driver during an armed robbery.

The trial of Lamon Weathers was to begin this week in Cook County Circuit Court for the fatal shooting of Kamil Shamji in February 2016.

However, as a jury waited behind closed doors, Weathers entered into a plea deal. Judge Thaddeus Wilson then imposed a 42-year prison sentence.

According to prosecutors, Weathers called for a Flash Cab at a North Side McDonald’s. He directed Shamji to the Lincoln Square neighborhood, where he shot the 58-year-old driver in the back of the head.

Weathers’ fingerprint was found on a pack of cigarettes recovered in the taxi. A gun found on Weathers when he was arrested held bullets matching that one that killed Shamji and a cartridge casing found in the cab.

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