EL PASO, Texas (CBS Local) — A Texas mom chased her 14-year-old son down and whipped him with a belt last week after he apparently took her new BMW for a joyride.

In a series of now-viral tweets posted Friday, Liza Campero of El Paso detailed what happened with her brother, Aaron Campero.

It apparently began when Aaron disconnected the WiFi in his home to disable his mother’s access to security cameras while she was at work.

Aaron then called his mother, Liza Martinez, at work to tell her their WiFi was down at home.

“As soon as he said that, literally, I got a message instantly that my WiFi was down,” Martinez told KFOX.

The boy then took off in the BMW 3 Series. Then his sister called their mother to tell her it was gone.

“That’s when she told me to grab the belt and I really just ran into the closet and grabbed the first belt I saw,” Liza Campero said. “She wanted to find him before he wrecked the car and before the police did.”

Liza Martinez eventually spotted her son driving down and road and angrily shouted at him to “pull over now!”

Liza Campero rolled her video camera as the cars pulled over, their mother got out of her vehicle, opened the BMW’s door and angrily whipped the boy.

The Campero children followed up with a video posted to YouTube, acknowledging that it “wasn’t Aaron’s first time taking a car.”

Aaron, who is “grounded probably until 2019,” also said he “deserved” the punishment.

“It was a bad choice,” he said. “I just can’t do it again.”