CHICAGO (CBS)–A provocative new television ad put out by the Rauner Campaign depicts JB Pritzker and Illinois House Speaker, Mike Madigan at the altar getting married.

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The ad begins with, “Repeat after me, I Mike Madigan, take you JB Pritzker, as my unlawful partner in destruction, to raise property taxes, corrupt government, and bankrupt Illinois.”

Neither Pritzker nor Madigan has ever been charged with a crime. Although the Cook County Inspector General found Pritzker and his wife engaged in a “scheme to defraud” taxpayers by ripping toilets out of his Gold Coast mansion to call it inhabitable for a tax break.

(Credit: CBS)

The ad uses the phrase, “an unholy union,” which stuck out to some viewers.

Brian Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois said he feels this statements is mocking same-sex marriages.

“This is appealing to a base of people that again do not believe in our right to marry and using a same-sex wedding as a parody to attack his opponents.” he said.

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Recent opinion polls show Pritzker in the lead.

Staying within the wedding theme, a response from the Pritzker campaign says, “the people of Illinois are looking forward to their divorce from Bruce Rauner.”





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